Joël Paré-Julien, Co-founder and Editor

Specialist in international politics and governance issues, Joel is a postgraduate in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics (LSE). A special interest in Latin America has brought him to live, study and work in the region with the UNDP, focusing on electoral issues and strengthening the political participation of underrepresented groups such as women, youth and indigenous people. Now back in his hometown of Montreal, Canada, he is working for the United Nations in the environmental sector at the Secretariat for the Implementation of The Montreal Protocol, agency dedicated to the eradication of Ozone depleting substances.

Jonas David Wolfensberger, Co-founder

Competent in international politics and economics, Jonas is a postgraduate in Comparative Politics from the LSE. Previously he studied political science and economics in his home country of Switzerland at the University of Zurich. After working with the Swiss Foreign ministry at the missions to the UN in Vienna and New York, he is now is engaged in domestic politics at the Green-Liberal Party. Besides his passion for international politics and economics, he likes to travel, do sports and, if possible, combine the two in cycling tours across Europe.

Martin Leroy Deslauriers, Co-founder

Martin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Minor in East-Asian Studies from the University of Montreal and is currently working in education in his home city of Montreal at High school level. He travelled many times to Asia and lived for 2 years in Shanghai. Passionate about martial arts, Asian cultures and Security Studies, his specialities are East-Asia, International Security and Military Affairs.

Thomas Murphey, Co-founder

Thomas studied Political Science as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, and earned a master’s degree in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics alongside Joël and Jonas. He currently lives in Shanghai, where he works as a teacher at Shanghai University. He is chiefly interested in the political and economic development of China, as well as the politics and international relations of East Asia.